Return to Macuil

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today, we took the bus from Oaxaca City to Macuil, arriving around 9pm Macuil time. (Macuil, like many of the pueblos in Oaxaca, doesn’t bother with Daylight Savings Time, although Oaxaca City does. Macuil stays on Central Standard Time year round. In the summer months, this can lead to confusion about when exactly the bus is leaving or coming through.)

When we arrive at Margarita’s aunt and uncle’s place where we will be staying, the kitchen is abuzz with activity. A group of women has gathered there to decorate baskets [summi] for the calenda the next day, which is part of the celebration for The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven (La Asunción), a fairly major celebration in Macuil. For the calenda, women decorate baskets with flowers, crate paper and other materials. They then carry the baskets on their heads in a procession through the town, stopping periodically to dance with them.

Baskets Decorated for a Calenda

Baskets Decorated for a Calenda



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