Support Your Local Government

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Besides the day being filled with cleaning and getting the house ready, we also met with the cabildo, a group of five men who are selected for 18 month terms to administer the workings of the town, acting as mayor, treasurer, etc.  An additional nine men are chosen to take care of other duties around the town, such as serving as police.  These 14 men make up the autoridad municipal.

So, today we met with the cabildo to let them know about my current project and that I would be around.  It was the earliest they could meet with me since they had been occupied with festivities for La Asunción.

I was a little nervous before meeting with them, but the meeting went really well.  Thankfully, I had already met the man who is currently serving as the presidente municipal (mayor), and he was familiar with what I do.  Overall, they seemed very supportive and welcoming, so I feel hopeful about the current project.


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