Dial-Up Access

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Internet is still out at the library and I haven’t heard about any improvements at the secundaria.  So, if we are going to stay here for long, I’ll need to get my own Internet setup.

Macuil is too remote and small for DSL, which is too bad.  I’ve been impressed with Telmex’s DSL service in larger metropolitan areas.  I particularly like that their modems seem to come automatically with wireless service, although I wish it wasn’t automatically password protected.

So with no satellite in my back pocket, I am left to try out dial-up.  One problem will be finding a phone line that I can use.  It’s nice the town has been hooked up with phone service, but the house we are staying in hasn’t been.  I’ll have to find someone who doesn’t mind me tying up their phone.

And of course I haven’t been on dial-up in years.  I try to remember just how slow it is and brace myself for the worst.  After finding a temporary location to check it out, I find that dial-up turns out not to be so horrible; it is certainly workable.

And actually, there might be certain advantages to working at sublight speeds.  It would help me not overload the web-dictionary with too many bells-and-whistles which might render it impossible to use in Macuil, with slow and inconsistent Internet access.  It would also force me to find the most efficient way of packaging those bells-and-whistles that are necessary.  Finally, there is the added benefit that it might limit the amount of web-related goofing off that I can be tempted to do.  Maybe.

So, I feel cautiously optimistic, but am still not convinced how it will all work out.



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