Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today, we returned to Macuil to see if we can finally get settled in there.  Before catching the bus, we headed to the 20 de Noviembre market in downtown Oaxaca to pick up some things for Margarita’s aunt and uncle and to the Zócalo to withdraw some money.

Unfortunately, we were racing against the clock and didn’t really get to enjoy either place, but it was nice to see that the Zócalo seems to have returned to normal after all the protests and construction and whatever else that had been going on in the previous years.  I personally don’t really understand everything that was happening to know how well-founded the protests were, how legitimate the construction was, etc., but I am happy to see the Zócalo back like it used to be; it is such a pretty spot.  And it was completely packed with people when we were there.  I look forward to going back during our next trip to Oaxaca City and enjoying it at a more leisurely pace.


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