Torito Serrano

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My nephew has to do a report on Macuiltianguis for a school project for his secundaria.  He asked me if I had any pictures of the town, and I shared with him what I happened to have at hand electronically at the moment.

Then, he showed me some of what he had already, and he had found that someone had posted a video of the Torito Serrano [Gu’na I’yato’] to YouTube.  Great!  This is a dance performed in Macuiltianguis in which the women represent bulls and the men matadors.  The women then proceed to try to knock the guys down, often succeeding.  It’s great fun, as you can see below.

Last year, I had given a presentation on Macuil culture and had tried to find a Torito Serrano video on YouTube but there weren’t any.  Glad to see there’s one up now and it is even of a performance in Oaxaca at the Guelaguetza.  If you search YouTube, you’ll find there’s even a couple of other versions up too, including a clip of the dance being performed in front of the municipio in Macuil, but this one seems the best:


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