20 de Noviembre

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Benjamin Getting Ready for the Revolution

Today is 20 de Noviembre, celebrating the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.  In Macuil, observations for the day include a parade and dressing children up as revolutionaries like Emiliano Zapata, both of which seem to be common practices for observing the day.

Benjamin’s daycare is doing the same so we dressed him up for the part.    The costumes for kids aren’t quite as flamboyant as what Zapata himself wore, I guess reflecting what his followers more likely would have worn.  The costumes for kids include the white shirt and pants traditionally worn by farmers of the past.  This is usually accompanied by toy rifles and bandoliers.  Huaraches ‘sandals’ are typically worn on the feet, although looking around for pictures of Mexican Revolutionaries, I mostly see them wearing boots.  Either way, we ending up going with what we already had for Benjamin, which was tennis shoes.

To complete the outfit, you need the giant sombrero (also called a charro) and a good Zapata-style moustache.  Benjamin’s not into hats so we didn’t bother getting a special one for the occassion, but just used what we had at hand while he would let us, which wasn’t for long.  Our efforts to paint on a moustache were going along okay, except he kept wiping our first attempt using soot away on his sleeve.  Our second attempt with eyeliner went a little better, until he saw himself in the mirror and freaked out.  Then we had to wipe off the moustache, though we managed to keep on some painted-on sideburns.  I managed to get in a few quick picks though with the hat and ‘stache:

El Zapatista

El Zapatista


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