El Día de Pavo

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Well, El Día de Pavo, i.e. Turkey Day, is not actually a holiday in Mexico, although immigrants to the US do celebrate it.  I’ve had some delicious turkey tamales for the day back in LA.  But I did notice one American tradition making inroads (or possibly just trying to make inroads) into Mexico, and that’s football–yes, American football.  I caught a commercial saying that one of the stations here will be broadcasting (one of) the annual Thanksgiving day game(s) here in Oaxaca.  We’ll get to “enjoy” the Tennessee-Detroit game, even if we won’t be doing it while shoveling turkey into our faces (I’m not sure how exciting a game between a 10-1 team and an 0-11 team will be).  Unfortunately, I think the channel it’s being shown on here doesn’t make it to Macuil, so they’ll be without the game, unless, of course, they catch it on Sky.  So far though, I haven’t heard anyone in Mexico express much interest in football, except one person who said he enjoyed watching the Super Bowl.  But maybe it is succeeding here.  I wonder how the ratings are for a regular game here, especially one being broadcast during the day, when nobody has the day off?  Does American football here beat soccer games (in terms of ratings) there?  Something to discuss at the dinner table, unless you want to argue over politics.  Enjoy!


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