Around Oaxaca in 80 Seconds

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I’m back in the US today. I’m going to hang out a while in LA, collect some things (such as books) I’ve been needing in Oaxaca, run some errands, and then attend the annual meeting of the Linguistics Society of America up in San Francisco.

I caught the Continental Express flight that goes directly from Oaxaca to Houston, which I like, because it means I get to avoid the Mexico City airport. We had a spectacular flight out this morning. When flying out of Oaxaca, you should try to grab a window seat on the port side of the plane, which for the Continental Express flights is the side with a column of single seats. I had one at it afforded spectacular views of the city.

After sitting in the plane for a while to burn fuel–the captain said we were near our weight limit–we took off and circled the city (perhaps to slowly gain (because of our weight?) enough altitude to clear the mountains north of Oaxaca?). I never recall being on a flight that did this before. I had seen Monte Alban from the plane before, but this time , we circled all the way around it. It was great seeing it from every side. I could easily make out Building J, which is set at an angle from all the other buildings, see the jutting arm of the site on the north side, and the terraced mountainside. It was great.

Then we essentially came back over the top of the airport and headed north. Coming back over the city, I spotted the Guelaguetza amphitheater, the baseball stadium, and the Zócalo.

A wonderful way to start a trip.



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