Calm before the Storm

Friday, January 23, 2009

Today is shaping up to be a rather hectic day.

My friend Nacho is coming back to Oaxaca for about a week.  He’s arriving at 6 in the morning and I am part of the delegation that’s going to pick him up.   Then at 10:30, he and I along with Margarita and her sister are supposed to be visiting  a school where Nacho’s cousin teaches.  There, we are going to be making a presentation to a group of 65-70 junior high and high school students about Zapotec and indigenous languages.  Nacho’s cousin had mentioned to the director about being from the Sierra and apparently he’s enthusiastic about the area and interested in languages and wanted her to do something on it.  She called Nacho who told her we were still around and voila, a presentation has come together.  I’m excited and hope the students will enjoy it.

Then, after all that, we are heading up to Macuil, because this coming 25th is San Pablo Day, the patron saint of Macuil.  So, there’s going to be a big celebration starting with a calenda today that Margarita hopes to make it to, so Benjamin can be in it.

So, considering the day that lies ahead (and since it’s only just begun) I better head to bed for a little bit of sleep.  Hopefully, everything will go off without a hitch and I can write up the latest adventure when I get back.



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