Citizen Benjamin

Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, Benjamin became a Mexican citizen today.  Actually, I guess he officially became a Mexican citizen on Monday when the government finished his inserción document, which is basically a Mexican birth certificate for those who weren’t actually born here.  But today it seemed more real, because we got his Mexican passport.

In theory, citizens can get a passport in one day here; it’s standard procedure, you don’t even have to pay extra for expedited service.  In practice, it may take a little longer to make sure you have all of the documents you need plus various photocopies of these and other documents, especially when you’re dealing with a minor since you need the mother’s documents, the father’s documents, and the child’s documents.  In the end, it took us about four trips to the passport office (with several more trips to various other agencies to get his citizenship established):  an initial fact finding trip in October, two trips yesterday, and finally, success today, although Margarita still had to run to the shop next door a couple of times to make some more photocopies.  But at last, we had everything turned in just after 1pm and by 3 we had his passport.

And there it was:  Nacionalidad:  Mexicana.  So, just like that he’s a Mexican citizen.


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