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Springtime in Oaxaca

Friday, March 20, 2009

Today’s the first day of spring, though in Oaxaca it has been quite summer-like for a good month more.  It’s been quite warm here and dry.  Very enjoyable I think.  Come summer, it actually cools off here somewhat and rains a bit.

To commemorate the first day of spring, there is a children’s day environmental parade going on through the centro of Oaxaca.  Various daycares, including Benjamin’s, are participating in the parade.  The children are dressed up in various costumes with a spring/environmental theme: mostly as animals, but some were decked out as things to recycle and as trash that shouldn’t be thrown out on the street.  There are a couple of bands leading the parade through the streets of Oaxaca, starting off at the Santo Domingo church, and wending their way through the streets of Oaxaca.

Benjamin and Margarita in the Spring Parade

Benjamin and Margarita in the Spring Parade


B-Ball for Benito

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This weekend and next, there is a basketball tournament going on in honor of Benito Juárez, who was President of Mexico and the country’s version of Abraham Lincoln.  He was a Zapotec, from the Sierra, and the basketball tournament is being held in his hometown of Guelatao [Ellato’].  The tournament concludes next Saturday, the 21st of March, his birthday.  Margarita, Benjamin, and her brother-in-law have gone today to watch the early rounds.


Macuiltianguis in 3-D

Friday, March 13, 2009

While going through my photos of our recent trip to Macuil for Carnaval, I noticed that I had accidentally managed to take two almost identical photos of [I’ya Periicu], a distinctive peak visible from Macuil and bordering the town of Luvina [Debiina].  The two photos are similar enough, yet distinct enough, that they make an excellent stereoscopic pair (click on the thumbnail below for a full size view):

I'ya Periicu San Pablo Macuiltianguis 20090224

If you cross your eyes right, or have your own stereoscopic viewer, the details of I’ya Periicu to the south of Macuil (the peak with the saddle-like shape on top) comes out quite nicely.  Some of the houses of Macuil leading down into Margarita’s barrio are visible on the right of the photo.  And beyond the tree, on the mountain behind I’ya Periicu is the town of Abejones [Eyhu’ni], although I’m not sure you can really make out any details of it in the photos.  Enjoy!


Hey Rocky, Watch me as I…Rocky?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

While I was in the Sierra for Carnaval, I saw something I hadn’t seen before here:  smoked squirrel.  I had had squirrel [beriida’] before when I had visited Macuil on an earlier trip.  No big deal, but I hadn’t thought about it being smoked (I don’t think what I had eaten had been).  But while we were visiting someone during the last trip, I had noticed that along with the regular strips of beef smoking over the hearth, that there was also a whole, small animal hanging over the bar above the fire.  I asked if it was what I thought, and sure enough, they told me it was a squirrel.  Unfortunately, nobody offered me any (I don’t know if it was ready), so I will have to wait to try smoked squirrel some other day.