Hey Rocky, Watch me as I…Rocky?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

While I was in the Sierra for Carnaval, I saw something I hadn’t seen before here:  smoked squirrel.  I had had squirrel [beriida’] before when I had visited Macuil on an earlier trip.  No big deal, but I hadn’t thought about it being smoked (I don’t think what I had eaten had been).  But while we were visiting someone during the last trip, I had noticed that along with the regular strips of beef smoking over the hearth, that there was also a whole, small animal hanging over the bar above the fire.  I asked if it was what I thought, and sure enough, they told me it was a squirrel.  Unfortunately, nobody offered me any (I don’t know if it was ready), so I will have to wait to try smoked squirrel some other day.


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