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Friday, February 20, 2009

Carnaval doesn’t actually start in Macuil until tomorrow, so we decided to head over to the neighboring town of Luvina [Debiina’], where the festivities started today.

After spending the night in Macuil, we drove over to Luvina, and as we were going along Margarita’s sister told us that she had been taken on a hike up the mountain beside Luvina called [I’ya Periicu].  The peak is very distinctive and visible from Macuil, [as can be seen in the following photo taken Feb. 24, 2009].

I'ya Periicu

I'ya Periicu

She told us that up there she had seen presumably pre-Columbian columns and that there were tombs up there.  That’s really exciting. While there are a number of excavated sites in the valley, I haven’t really seen much evidence of archaeological explorations in the district of Ixtlán. It would be great to go up there and find something new to the archaeological world. Since my first visit to Oaxaca, I’ve said after I completed my linguistics degree, I should go get a degree in archaeology. (And it might not be a bad idea. There was a recent discussion on Language Log about the trouble archaeologists and linguists have in understanding the discipline of the other.) This recent claim about tombs near Luvina, if true, certainly renews that desire.