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Moon over Oaxaca

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tonight, there was a conjunction of the crescent moon, Venus, and Jupiter.  I had read about it earlier in the day, but then forget all about it, until I stepped outside around 8pm or so.  There was the crescent of the moon lying on its side, with two bright dots underneath.  (Here is a picture pretty close to how it looked here, though I would say the moon seemed a little further away.  We got the upside-down frown instead of the smiley face that apparently was only viewable in Australia.)  My initial view was obscured by trees so I went out with Margarita’s sister, her husband and son to find a better view.  It was a nice sight to behold and I was glad to share it with others.

On the way back inside, Margarita’s sister told me that here there is a belief that when the crescent moon [biu’] appears to be lying on its side as it did tonight, that there would be no rain for the month [biu’] (the concept of month comes from phases of the moon, hence the relationship between the words in English and other languages, including being the same word in MacZ).  The bowl of the crescent holds water back from the sky.  But when the crescent is tilted, the water can pour out and there will be rain.  You can learn neat things by going outside and looking at the stars.